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The Ten Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2019: Part Two

Concluding our list of our favourite Hip hop albums this year, here are five more releases that shined brightest in 2019, including fifteen honourable mentions.

Review: Marriage Story

Marriage Story explores the pain, tragedy and confusion of divorce like no other, standing out as a career highlight of Noah Baumbach.

The Ten Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2019: Part One

From "Retropolitan" to "Eve", these are five of Fly Fidelity's favourite albums of 2019.

Even if you don't need another reminder that these albums are great, there is guidance, affirmation and more to be found in this list.  Did any of your favourites make the cut?

Review: Little Monsters

With "Little Monsters" Lupita Nyong'o delivers her second performance in a Horror film this year, but does it have the "brains!" to stand out as a fresh example of the genre? Read our review to find out!

Five Things You Didn't Know About "Hard To Kill"

Story board artist and director James Iles (Dr. Who, The Crow, Sherlock) exclusively shares five nuggets about “Hard To Kill”; his short monster movie with Alastair Jenkins screening at Fractured Visions double bill Saturday 7th December.

Review: The Irishman

Martin Scorses's 10 year in the making mob epic is one for the ages with an uncharacteristic focus on reflection and regret. Check out our review!