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Revisiting Public Enemy's 'Man Plans God Laughs' with Chuck-D

To celebrate Public Enemy releasing their thirteenth studio album Man Plans God Laughs 4 years ago this week, Fly Fidelity reflects and remembers the soundtrack to industrial resistance.

Remembering Max Headroom and the Chicago broadcast signal intrusion with Rocky Morton

It’s November 1987. For the first time since 1979 the unemployment rate has dropped below 6% in America. It hasn’t even been a month since Reverend Jesse Jackson launched his second campaign for U.S. President and outside of ABC News’ Charles Glass escaping a 62 day Lebanese kidnapping, TV is dominated by one-hour dramas, detective shows and sitcoms that reflect the country’s rapid shifting values. However, much like the rest of the world, Television is starting to develop different patterns exampled by content and it’s hold that cable networks are assuredly now having on American audiences. 
Across the pond in Great Britain there were different happenings. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy Terry Waite had recently been kidnapped in Lebanon. The countries political event of the year was the re-election of Margaret Thatcher. Acid House Raves spread and Sylvester McCoy had just become the seventh actor to play the Doctor in the long-running TV show “Doctor Who”. A show in which whilst…

Review: Benny The Butcher 'The Plugs I Met'

Benny (aka Benny the Butcher) is not one that is for the meek. He does not glorify the streets to impress his peers. Nor does he do music to impress women and stans. Benny does the music to make an impression. And he knows that impression will lead to full pockets and fulfilled promises. And the promise Benny concerns himself with is the promise he has made to himself and his family. 

Yet, Benny has reached beyond promise; he has offered production. Tana Talk 3 was considered one of 2018’s best albums. His verse on “Gigi’s” from Hitler Wears Hermes 6 was a pure show stealer and momentum producer. At this point, fans have been inquisitive as to what came next. All the questioning has led to “The Plugs I Met”, a seven song opus of Benny solidifying his repertoire of hard rhymes and impressing hip hop legends. 

After listening to the entirety of this project, Benny hasn’t lost his focus or his hunger. “Crowns For Kings” takes a nifty flip of an Al Green sample and lets Benny go toe to toe …

Open Mike Eagle on using Comedy as a healing art

Photo credit: Comedy Central

"Do you have many Street Food outlets in your city?" asks Open Mike Eagle at the tail end of a typically busy and community spirited Womamby Street. The LA based rapper is performing tonight in Cardiff for a European tour stop. He's famished but also aware that if he doesn't feed his audience this evening; he's starving them. "I try to leave bread crumbs in a way that can lead people to the conversation that I'm trying to have" he says in a low key backroom at The Welsh Club referring to his musical output. "Bringing solutions after that dialogue is the goal" he concludes.

This is our third interview to date and since our last time talking he's had a lot on his plate, most recently including a socially woken Stand-up Television series with comedian and actor Baron Vaughn. The controversially titled show, which was inspired by Philosopher Alaine Lock's book 'The New Negro', extends its philosophy …