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Antonella Fulci on "Fulci For Fake" and the complexity of Lucio Fulci's legend

Antonella Fulci sounds energised when she addresses her contribution to "Fulci For Fake", the part documentary and part biopic about her late, great father Lucio Fulci, which Fractured Visions show at Chapter on December 7th. "I was lucky enough to have a good relationship through the entire production. People love my father and there is nothing like this film around. They could only watch his films, now they can see a film made about him in 2019," says Fulci, who gave director Simone Scafidi never seen before home footage, photo's and a rare interview. We sat down with the maestro's daughter to celebrate and discuss the only screening of "Fulci For Fake" in Cardiff, the re-appraisal and re-discovery of the Italian godfather of gore's films, memories of being on set for "Zombie" and more!

Review: Le Mans 66'

The latest feature from James Mangold fuels its running time with a story that takes a front-seat. James Rodrigues gives his two cents.

The first Lucio Fulci biopic is screening at Chapter Arts Centre

After their third annual film Festival last month, Fractured Visions is ending the decade with a screening of "Fulci For Fake" at Chapter
See the first Lucio Fulci biopic December 7th, a documentary that celebrates the life of Lucio Fulci, the maestro and Italian godfather of gore!
Featuring never seen before footage, photos and interviews, the event comes after Chapter's Italian Cinema Festival last month and ahead of a loaded 2020 for Fractured Visions.

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Review: Doctor Sleep

James Rodrigues shines a light on Mike Flanagan's sequel to "The Shining".

DJ Alkemy details making his album with Shark, "A Big Fish In A Bigger Pond," track by track

DJ Alkemy and Canada rapper Shark unite for "A Big Fish in a Bigger Pond", a ten track collaborative project that dives into pockets of depth to ripple effects. We caught up with one half of Applied Science and Wasp-18b, DJ Akemy, to discuss and break down the album, which is available to stream and download now.

Sharpening the perception of a mute crisis: An interview with PETA Vice President Kathy Guillermo

Kathy Guillermo, the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) discusses the history of the organisation often embroiled in controversy, touching on everything from the disturbing silver springs Monkey case that launched the animal rights movement, collaborating with Wu Tang Clan's The RZA and speciesism, to the Metropolitan police's London-wide ban on Extinction Rebellion protests, the mixed bag of the Trump administration, changing the phrases we use to talk about animals and more.