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Directing Disney's Flight of The Navigator: An interview with Randal Kleiser

Flight of The Navigator is one of many family based Science-fiction films of the 1980's but distinguishes itself thanks to a great premise and some revolutionary special effects. I talked to its director Randal Kleiser (Grease, Blue Lagoon) ahead of its upcoming Bluray release to discuss the films adventurous spirit and technical innovations and more!

Review: Little Monsters

With "Little Monsters" Lupita Nyong'o delivers her second performance in a Horror film this year, but does it have the "brains!" to stand out as a fresh example of the genre? Read our review to find out!

Five things you didn't know about "Hard To Kill"

Story board artist and director James Iles (Dr. Who, The Crow, Sherlock) exclusively shares five nuggets about “Hard To Kill”; his short monster movie with Alastair Jenkins screening at Fractured Visions double bill Saturday 7th December.

Review: The Irishman

Martin Scorses's 10 year in the making mob epic is one for the ages with an uncharacteristic focus on reflection and regret. Check out our review!

Antonella Fulci on "Fulci For Fake" and the complexity of Lucio Fulci's legend

Antonella Fulci sounds energised when she addresses her contribution to "Fulci For Fake", the part documentary and part biopic about her late, great father Lucio Fulci, which Fractured Visions show at Chapter on December 7th. "I was lucky enough to have a good relationship through the entire production. People love my father and there is nothing like this film around. They could only watch his films, now they can see a film made about him in 2019," says Fulci, who gave director Simone Scafidi never seen before home footage, photo's and a rare interview. We sat down with the maestro's daughter to celebrate and discuss the only screening of "Fulci For Fake" in Cardiff, the re-appraisal and re-discovery of the Italian godfather of gore's films, memories of being on set for "Zombie" and more!

Review: Le Mans 66'

The latest feature from James Mangold fuels its running time with a story that takes a front-seat. James Rodrigues gives his two cents.

The first Lucio Fulci biopic is screening at Chapter Arts Centre

After their third annual film Festival last month, Fractured Visions is ending the decade with a screening of "Fulci For Fake" at Chapter
See the first Lucio Fulci biopic December 7th, a documentary that celebrates the life of Lucio Fulci, the maestro and Italian godfather of gore!
Featuring never seen before footage, photos and interviews, the event comes after Chapter's Italian Cinema Festival last month and ahead of a loaded 2020 for Fractured Visions.

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Review: Doctor Sleep

James Rodrigues shines a light on Mike Flanagan's sequel to "The Shining".

DJ Alkemy details making his album with Shark, "A Big Fish In A Bigger Pond," track by track

DJ Alkemy and Canada rapper Shark unite for "A Big Fish in a Bigger Pond", a ten track collaborative project that dives into pockets of depth to ripple effects. We caught up with one half of Applied Science and Wasp-18b, DJ Akemy, to discuss and break down the album, which is available to stream and download now.

Sharpening the perception of a mute crisis: An interview with PETA Vice President Kathy Guillermo

Kathy Guillermo, the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) discusses the history of the organisation often embroiled in controversy, touching on everything from the disturbing silver springs Monkey case that launched the animal rights movement, collaborating with Wu Tang Clan's The RZA and speciesism, to the Metropolitan police's London-wide ban on Extinction Rebellion protests, the mixed bag of the Trump administration, changing the phrases we use to talk about animals and more.

A Face Melting Interview With Everything Is Terrible!

L.A. based found footage collective Everything Is Terrible has spent over the past decade turning the "worst" VHS tapes into internet gold. Between making films and doing countless live tours, they have amassed a collection boasting more than 25,000 copies of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes. Fly Fidelity and The Table Read talked to Everything Is Terrible during a rare UK tour run to discuss their Great Satan live show, the video nasty 80's controversy, their on-going quest to build a Jerry Maguire pyramid and more!

The memories that shaped Tim Clarke: The legacy and long jeopardy of a master toy designer

We sat down with the co creator of Boglins, Tim Clarke, for a feature length interview about his plans to re-release the original globally beloved and game changing 80's toy puppet, his memories working for Jim Henson on Muppets, The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock and more!

Adam Egypt Mortimer talks 'Daniel Isn't Real' and finding creativity in anxiety

Fly Fidelity sat down with director Adam Egypt Mortimer to pick apart his second feature Daniel Isn't Real. The latest release from SpectreVision is currently performing a festival run with an upcoming theatrical and bluray release from Arrow Video, to be announced. We discussed it's origins and production, working with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sasha Lane, obsessing over it's visual design, SpectreVision and more!

Stringing Together a Nightmare: How the Black String Pulls Horror from Suburbia

We caught up with writer/director Brian Hanson and actor/co-writer Richard Handley to discuss The Black String, a film which recalls the hey day of the American paranoia Thriller, featuring an authentic inner howl and a collapsing of soul performance from Frankie Muniz. 

30 years of Brian Yuzna's grotesque satire, Society

It's been 30 years today since the first UK cinema release of Brian Yuzna's grotesque satire, Society. To celebrate we're sharing an interview we did with it's lead Billy Warlock 2 years ago. Watch listen to it here.

Director Henry Jacobson talks Bloodline and the house that Jason Blum built

HENRY JACOBSON's directorial debut, Bloodline, presents itself as a duality of sorts. Shot on the heels of him becoming a father, his first narrative feature, which comes out this week, ties his "bloodline" to a long lineage of cinematic influences. "I think there is a certain scariness and horror in birth and we wanted to confront that", he explains outside the Prince Charles cinema, following the UK premiere of Bloodline. "Having the birth of my son happen when I was making the film, has been one of the most beautiful and complicated and challenging but wonderful couple of years" he concludes. Featuring a seldom seen performance from Sean William Scott, Bloodline is a high grade thriller, that points to the tradition of hard boiled crime fiction used in Noir and expands on the tension building in Giallo films. I talked to Henry at length about it's production and the house that Jason Blumhouse built.

Trevor Gureckis Talks Scoring Music For Thriller, Bloodline

After seeing the directors cut UK premiere at Arrow Frightfest last month, composer and producer Trevor Gureckis took time out to discuss scoring Bloodline, the upcoming Blumhouse Thriller, before it's release next week via Momentum Pictures.

Review: Black Milk 'Dive'

Curtis Eugene Cross has always been about the music. Whether his fashion has changed or the
approach to creation (from a more electronic affair to full blown instrumentation), the man known as
Black Milk has always been about the music. And when it is about the music, rarely will the music suffer. And it must be said that, if anything, Black Milk has been consistent. With that said, we need to add Dive up there with his ability to remain consistent.

Dive serves as an “black inspiration” album of sorts. Whatever he makes of situations are either
to teach or to motivate. Take the first track off of the album: it is entitled “Save Yourself”. Take a listen to “Swimm” and you will see where I get these ideas from: that song is beautifully enticing as it is enthralling with its positive messages and massaging rhythms. Even the hard hitting “If U Say” takes the same route while BJ The Chicago Kid kills his singing routine. With a tracklist that is only 11 songs, there is very little room for…

Interview: George Dubose on his iconic Hip Hop album covers and Photo-shoots

Often dubbed the Godfather of Hip hop photography George "The Sailor" Dubose has held down a legacy in photography and graphic design. Since 1978 he has been a champion of concepts and a purveyor of collaboration. Dubose is widely regarded for his output of album covers, particularly with the legendary and trailblazing Cold Chillin' Records. With roots as a photographer of inner city nightlife, Dubose has basked in unpredictable energy and flirted with its edge. In turn, his night-time adventures curated a love of collaborating with rappers in particular.  As history would have it, many of these emcees ran Hip Hop’s golden age at the time.

Creating album covers for artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap and DJ Polo, and The Genius (GZA), would fuel an equally unique and era defying marriage with Cold Chillin' distributor Warner Bros. He has also worked with The Notorious BIG, Mobb Deep, Run DMC and Kanye West just to name a…

Revisiting Public Enemy's 'Man Plans God Laughs' with Chuck-D

To celebrate Public Enemy releasing their thirteenth studio album 'Man Plans God Laughs' 4 years ago this week, Fly Fidelity reflects and remembers the soundtrack to industrial resistance.

Interview: Remembering Max Headroom and the Chicago broadcast signal intrusion with Rocky Morton

It’s November 1987. For the first time since 1979 the unemployment rate has dropped below 6% in America. It hasn’t even been a month since Reverend Jesse Jackson launched his second campaign for U.S. President and outside of ABC News’ Charles Glass escaping a 62 day Lebanese kidnapping, TV is dominated by one-hour dramas, detective shows and sitcoms that reflect the country’s rapid shifting values. However, much like the rest of the world, Television is starting to develop different patterns exampled by content and it’s hold that cable networks are assuredly now having on American audiences. 
Across the pond in Great Britain there were different happenings. The Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy Terry Waite had recently been kidnapped in Lebanon. The countries political event of the year was the re-election of Margaret Thatcher. Acid House Raves spread and Sylvester McCoy had just become the seventh actor to play the Doctor in the long-running TV show “Doctor Who”. A show in which whilst…

Review: Benny The Butcher 'The Plugs I Met'

Benny (aka Benny the Butcher) is not one that is for the meek. He does not glorify the streets to impress his peers. Nor does he do music to impress women and stans. Benny does the music to make an impression. And he knows that impression will lead to full pockets and fulfilled promises. And the promise Benny concerns himself with is the promise he has made to himself and his family. 

Yet, Benny has reached beyond promise; he has offered production. Tana Talk 3 was considered one of 2018’s best albums. His verse on “Gigi’s” from Hitler Wears Hermes 6 was a pure show stealer and momentum producer. At this point, fans have been inquisitive as to what came next. All the questioning has led to “The Plugs I Met”, a seven song opus of Benny solidifying his repertoire of hard rhymes and impressing hip hop legends. 

After listening to the entirety of this project, Benny hasn’t lost his focus or his hunger. “Crowns For Kings” takes a nifty flip of an Al Green sample and lets Benny go toe to toe …

Open Mike Eagle on using Comedy as a healing art

Photo credit: Comedy Central

"Do you have many Street Food outlets in your city?" asks Open Mike Eagle at the tail end of a typically busy and community spirited Womamby Street. The LA based rapper is performing tonight in Cardiff for a European tour stop. He's famished but also aware that if he doesn't feed his audience this evening; he's starving them. "I try to leave bread crumbs in a way that can lead people to the conversation that I'm trying to have" he says in a low key backroom at The Welsh Club referring to his musical output. "Bringing solutions after that dialogue is the goal" he concludes.

This is our third interview to date and since our last time talking he's had a lot on his plate, most recently including a socially woken Stand-up Television series with comedian and actor Baron Vaughn. The controversially titled show, which was inspired by Philosopher Alaine Lock's book 'The New Negro', extends its philosophy …