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On The Right Side Of History: An Interview With The Black Officer Who Infiltrated The KKK

Netflix has confirmed among its content this month will be Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman'. The Academy winner (best-adapted screenplay, 2019) arrives on the 24th and along with 'Da 5 Bloods' marks the second Spike Lee title that the streaming service has acquired rights to this year. The addition comes on the heels of Netflix adding a Black Lives Matter section to its genre tab last June, responding to viewers' interest in titles relating to racial injustice, discrimination, and systematic racism. "I never expected my book to become a motion-picture. It happened all by surprise" remembers retired police officer Ron Stalworth, writer of 'Black Klansman', a memoir Stalworth originally drafted in 2013.
Both timely and timeless, the story loosely uses Stalworth's recollections of his investigation for its subject, with a film that revisits and invites discussion about the enduring influence of supremacist ideology in American political, social an…

Fractured Visions Is Heading Into Film Distribution!

Fractured Visions has announced that they're entering the world of film distribution and launching their dream boutique label, curated by genre fans for genre fans.
Rejoice and get hyped for a lovingly crafted selection of classic and modern cult cinema line, where a new generation of filmmakers and film lovers can explore the classics or revel in new releases with limited collector’s edition blu-rays, loaded with additional content.

In 2021, Fractured Visions are starting with two of their favourite Italian directors and releasing two titles from the golden era of Italian exploitation.

To find out more follow them here

Facebook: FracturedVisionsUK
Twitter: @FracVis
Instagram: FracVis

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Open Mike Eagle (Episode 8)

Open Mike Eagle joins us for a candid discussion about his most personal project to date, Anime, Trauma + Divorce. Joining Fly Fidelity ahead of its release, we talked about the album's development and embracing vulnerability, the relationship between oppressed people and power fantasy, the importance of documenting Hip hop, being a fan of Prince Paul, Stony Island Audio, and everything between. Listen to the episode on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Dimitri Simakis AKA Ghoul Skool (Episode 7)

We talked to Dimitri Simakis (Ghoul Skool) from Everything Is Terrible, keeper of pre-internet pop culture and one of the most creative people on the planet. Don't miss this uncensored, freewheeling conversation about E.I.T's upcoming feature "Kids Club", collaborating with Meow Wolf, working on the award-winning Feels Good Man Film documentary, and everything between! Listen to the episode on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Why 'Girlfight' Still Packs A Punch 20 Years Later

Earlier this year, Blumhouse had a success story with The Invisible Man, a fresh take on the property which earned back nearly 20x its budget. Naturally, the studio is pressing ahead with other takes on the Universal Monsters, and one of the more notable examples is Karyn Kusama on-board to direct Dracula film. To be given the keys to such an iconic figure, it’s a fantastic opportunity for such a brilliant director, but to get here has been an uphill battle. To answer why that’s the case (other than Kusama being a woman, of course), we must go back to her first film, Girlfight.

Fractured Listens Podcast: David Marmor, Alok Mishra & Naomi Grossman (Episode 8)

After a brief hiatus, Fractured Listens is back and talk to David Marmor, the writer, and director of 1BR about the making of his debut feature along with actress Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) and producer Alok Mishra. Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Soundcloud

Fly Fidelity Podcast: DW Smith (Episode 6)

We're joined by rapper, producer and graphic designer DW Smith (Dirty Alex) for a deep dive into the making of his brilliant conceptual EP "Edda", norse mythology, black lives matter, his forthcoming album with DJ Alkemy and more! Listen to the episode on Spotify or Soundcloud.

'Wild At Heart,' 30 years later: The Making Of A Misunderstood Fairytale

Released in 1990, David Lynch's southern gothic "Wild At Heart" remains as divisive and as deep a dive into Lynch country 30 years later. We explore the controversial fairytale of love, violence and chaos.

Baron Vaughn Talks 'So Much To Do' Segment of Horror Anthology 'Scare Package'

Comedian/actor Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie, Mystery Science Theater 3K) makes his directorial debut with 'So Much To Do', a self-contained stylish segment in 'Scare Package', which turns the occult possession sub-genre on its head, with a short based around avoiding spoilers from a popular television show.

Born out of a love for horror cinema, 'Scare Package' presents a collection of seven standalone yet interconnected horror shorts, strung together by a fun romp through horror tropes and nostalgia. We caught up with Vaughn to discuss making his short and his relationship with the genre

Fly Fidelity Podcast (Bitesize Edition): The Making Of 'Hello Nasty' With Mario Caldato Jr.

From engineering 'Paul's Boutique' to co-producing 'Check Your Head', 'Ill Communication', and 'Hello Nasty', Mario Caldato Jr. has beefed up the recordings of the Beastie Boys since 1988. In this bitesize episode, we're joined by the engineer/producer to discuss and remember the dense and eclectic cult-classic 'Hello Nasty'. Listen to the episode on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Review: Hiroshima

75 years after the US dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of World War Two, we review Arrow Academy's edition of Hideo Sekigawa's anti-war statement.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Duncan Trussell (Episode 5)

In his second appearance, Duncan Trussell joins the Fly Fidelity podcast for an extensive, existential, and heartfelt conversation. Listen to the episode on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Fractured Listens Podcast: Xavier Burgin & Tananarive Due (Episode 7)

Fractured Listens sat down with Xavier Burgin and Tananarive Due to discuss Horror Noire: A History Of Black Horror, African-American engagement with the genre, how horror films parallel being black in America, structural racism within Hollywood, the rise and influence of Jordan Peele, John Boyega and more! Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Soundcloud.

Andre Ovredal Is Hosting Watch-Party For The 10th Anniversary Of 'Troll Hunter'

Relive the Norwegian monster mock doc that is TROLL HUNTER with writer-director Andre Ovredal and Fractured Visions, this Sunday.  Rent-or-pull out your copy and be ready to watch the mocu-realist nightmare in sync, starting from 7:00pm BST. Don't forget to tag #FracVisAthome to comment as you watch-along

Fly Fidelity Presents 'A Five Percenter Hip Hop Mix' By DJ Jaffa

On the heels of our latest podcast with educator, organizer, speaker and author - the third daughter of Malcolm-X - Ilyasah Shabazz, we have teamed up with DJ Jaffa for an exclusive mix centered around the five percent nation. A Five Percenter Hip Hop Mix pays tribute to the teachings and message of the Five-Percent Nation that endure in a selection of songs by some of hip hop's best, including Rakim, Wise Intelligent, Lakim Shabazz, KMD, Black Thought, J-LiveX-Clan, AZ and more! 

Review: The New Kids

We break down 101-Films limited edition Black Label Bluray release of THE NEW KIDS. Check out our review.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Ilyasah Shabazz (Episode 4)

We sat down with educator, organiser, speaker, and author Ilyasah Shabazz, the third daughter of Malcolm-X, to discuss the largest civil rights movement in world history; black lives matter, the power of her fathers work, Martin Luther King, the need for urgent police reform, the legacy hip hop carries and more. Hear our conversation on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Gremlins 2 At 30: Why 'The New Batch' Remains A Satire Classic

In 1990, audiences were unprepared for Joe Dante's sequel to horror classic GREMLINS (1984) - the satirical spectacle of chaos remains an undisputed masterclass in subverting audience expectations. We explore and examine the genius of GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH 30 years on.

Fractured Listens Podcast: Craig Engler (Episode 6)

Fractured listenstalk to Craig Engler (GM of Shudderat AMC TV networks) about streaming, human curation, live appointment viewing, Shudder-TV, original content (CREEPSHOW, HORROR NOIRE, THE LAST DRIVE-IN), licensing and more. Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Soundcloud.

Review: The Woman / Offspring

We break down Arrow Video's definitive new edition of Lucky McKee's THE WOMAN (2011), which includes a 4K remaster, brand new bonus features, and a bonus disc featuring a brand new restoration of it's 2009 follow up OFFSPRING.

Graham Skipper Is Hosting A 'Sequence Break' Watch-Party With Fractured Visions

Fractured Visions is back after a week hiatus for a watch-party of Graham Skipper's SEQUENCE BREAK (2017), this Sunday from 8:00pm. To take part and join in, simply sign up to Shudder FREE for 30 days using the promo code SHUTIN and then follow the hashtag  #FracturedVisions

Fractured Listens Podcast: Lloyd Kaufman (Episode 5)

Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment) joins Fractured Listens for episode 5 to talk about his humble beginnings and influences, TROMA'S WAR, Macon Blair's remake of THE TOXIC AVENGER, MUTANT BLAST, Troma now and more. Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Soundcloud.

Hip Hop Photographer Ricky Powell Talks New Documentary: "Ricky Powell: The Individualist"

Among its programming curated by Cannes, the Berlinale, BFI London Film Festival and over a dozen other festivals, one marquee stands out at the We are One Festival: Josh Swade's documentary about the iconic street photographer, Ricky Powell.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Duncan Trussell (Episode 3)

Duncan Trussell, comedian and co-creator of The Midnight Gospel sat down with us to discuss working with Pendleton Ward, writing and directing Clancy, Buddhist folk-tales, the tibetans yoga of dreaming and sleep, world peace and more! Listen below.
Fly Fidelity · Fly Fidelity: Duncan Trussell (Episode 3)

Coralie Fargeat And Matilda Lutz Are Hosting a Watch-Party Of 'Revenge' With Fractured Visions

Watch and discuss Revenge along-side Coralie Fargeat and Matilda Lutz Sunday, May 31st with Fractured Visions as part of our ongoing Twitter watch party series of virtual events, encouraging audiences to stream genre films and discuss them online, alongside special guests.

Mad Max: Fury Road: An Anarchic Action Classic 5 Years On

Five years after Mad Max: Fury Road, we celebrate and remember one of the all-time greatest action films and exercises in controlled chaos.