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Cinematographer Lyle Vincent Talks "Daniel Isn't Real" And Working With SpectreVision

After allowing Ana Lily Amirpour to fully express her vision with A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night in 2014, cinematographer Lyle Vincent returns to Spectre Vision and has unlocked, enabled and elevated the work of Adam Egypt Mortimer with Daniel Isn't Real. Ahead of our screening at Chapter, we sat down with the DP responsible for plugging into it's complex look and talked about helping to achieve this and more!

Double Bill: 'Daniel Isn't Real' (2019) / 'Some Kind Of Hate' (2015)

To kick off our first double feature of the decade, Fractured Visions is showing a special advance screening of the modern, genre mashing masterwork, Daniel Isn't Real (2019), paired with Adam Egypt Mortimer's directorial debut, Some Kind Of Hate (2015). Experience a double dose of deathwave, including exclusive new film intro's this weekend, at Chapter.

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