Fly Fidelity Podcast: Episode 26 | SEASON PREMIERE (with special guest Bigg Jus)

Bigg Jus is an alternative hip hop artist, who's spent over two decades contributing to the evolution of independent hip hop, helping to lay the foundation for a generation of fierce, independent artists, from Company Flow's debut album ‘Funcrusher Plus' in 1997 and beyond. Whether it be reshaping the concept of underground hip-hop with Co Flow, or his solo Big Justoleum work, to his work with Orko Elohim as NMS, the impact of Jus' influence is teeming with innovation.
On episode 26, we sit down with one of hip hop's most elusive trailblazers, to talk about the Company Flow co-founder’s storied career for an expansive two-hour deep-dive. Listen below:

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