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Directing Disney's Flight of The Navigator: An interview with Randal Kleiser

Flight of The Navigator is one of many family based Science-fiction films of the 1980's but distinguishes itself thanks to a great premise and some revolutionary special effects. I talked to its director Randal Kleiser (Grease, Blue Lagoon) ahead of its upcoming Bluray release to discuss the films adventurous spirit and technical innovations and more!

Hip Hop Photographer Ricky Powell Talks New Documentary: "Ricky Powell: The Individualist"

Among its programming curated by Cannes, the Berlinale, BFI London Film Festival and over a dozen other festivals, one marquee stands out at the We are One Festival: Josh Swade's documentary about the iconic street photographer, Ricky Powell.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Duncan Trussell (Episode 3)

Duncan Trussell, comedian and co-creator of The Midnight Gospel sat down with us to discuss working with Pendleton Ward, writing and directing Clancy, Buddhist folk-tales, the tibetans yoga of dreaming and sleep, world peace and more! Listen below.
Fly Fidelity · Fly Fidelity: Duncan Trussell (Episode 3)

Coralie Fargeat And Matilda Lutz Are Hosting a Watch-Party Of 'Revenge' With Fractured Visions

Watch and discuss Revenge along-side Coralie Fargeat and Matilda Lutz Sunday, May 31st with Fractured Visions as part of our ongoing Twitter watch party series of virtual events, encouraging audiences to stream genre films and discuss them online, alongside special guests.

Mad Max: Fury Road: An Anarchic Action Classic 5 Years On

Five years after Mad Max: Fury Road, we celebrate and remember one of the all-time greatest action films and exercises in controlled chaos.

Ralph Ineson Hosting Watch-Party For The 5th Anniversary Of 'The Witch' With Fractured Visions

Brace yourself for a slide of folkloric terror and an exercise in slow-burn suspense. Ralph Ineson is hosting a Twitter watch-party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Witch, Robert Eggers breakout.
Rent-or-pull out your copy and be ready to watch the New England tale in sync, starting from 8:00pm GMT (12:00pm PT). Don't forget to tag #FracVisAthome to comment as you watch-along 

Fractured Listens Podcast (Bitesize Edition): Lloyd Kaufman on Joel M. Reed

Lloyd Kaufman appears on the latest bitesize edition of Fractured Listens, to discuss his memories of Joel M. Reed, distributing Bloodsucking Freaks on Troma and an upcoming Fright-Rags collaboration celebrating the cult classic. Listen below.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Lounging With Anthony Marshall (Episode 2)

Anthony Marshall, co-founder of one of the most important New York hip hop institutions - the Lyricist Lounge, joins Fly Fidelity for a feature length interview, touching on multiple topics, including the legacy of the lounge and its legendary open mic movement, seeing an unsigned Eminem perform for the first time, the Craig G and Supernatural battle, the anniversary of Lyricist Lounge Volume 1, working with Rawkus Records and more. Listen below!

Fractured Listens: Exploring 'Reborn' With Julian Richards and Barbara Crampton (Episode 4)

Julian Richards and Barbara Crampton joined Fractured Listens, to discuss their latest film Reborn, paying homage to classic horror, the influence of Beyond The Gates, filming at Brian Yuzna's house and everything in-between. 
Fractured Listens · Fractured Listens: Exploring 'Reborn' with Julian Richards and Barbara Crampton (Episode 4)
Reborn is out today on UK Digital/VOD and DVD May 11th

The Cast And Producer Of 'Harpoon' Are Joining Fractured Visions For A Watch-Party

Set sail from your Netflix binge and leave your safe harbour for Fractured Visions' Harpoon (2020) Twitter watch-party, Sunday, May 3rd. Synch and swim with #FracVisAtHome from 8:00pm BT with a sea of special guests including cast members Munro Chambers, Emily Tyra, as well as the film's producer Michael Peterson.

Fractured Listens Podcast (Bitesize Edition): Joe Bob Briggs Talks Hammer Films

On this bite-sized edition of Fractured Listens, America's foremost "Drive-in film critic" discusses his relationship with British horror and Hammer Films.

Fractured Listens · Fractured Listens (Bitesize edition): Joe Bob Briggs talks Hammer Films

Celebrating An Outlaw Experience And The Last Drive In: An Interview With Joe Bob Briggs

For decades, the scope of Joe Bob Briggs' personal insight, heartfelt-appreciation, humour and experience, has carefully situated the dark corner of cinema, encouraging audiences to dig deeper and discover more, making him one of the pre-eminent cult film critics of modern times. He hosts The Last Drive-In as he writes as John Bloom (his government name) - enthused, with absolute mastery of his subject and a genuine subversion for alternative cinema. We talked to the world's foremost "drive-in film critic" ahead of the latest season of The Last Drive-In, to discuss his beginnings and celebrate outlaw cinema. Here is our conversation.

Fractured Visions Is Hosting A Watch-Party For Lost 90's Horror 'Skinner'

Make your Sunday a Slasher Sunday with Fractured Visions at Home. Screen-writer, Paul Hart-Wilden, will be joining Fractured Visions for a Twitter "Watch-party", of Skinner (1993), this weekend. Be ready to experience the sleazy noir/slasher mash-up with us in sync, starting from 8:00 pm BT (12:00pm PT) on Sunday, April 19th. To take part and join us, rent or pull out your copy of the film and then follow the hashtag #FracVisAtHome.

Review: VFW

The latest offering from Joe Begos is a face-melting grindhouse symphony of aging veterans, punks and gore. For genre fans raised on Assault On Precinct 13 and Rolling Thunder, the ensemble cast and 80's style-violence will be pure-wish fulfillment. Check out our review.

Fly Fidelity Podcast: Pizza And A Podcast With Kevin Eastman (Episode 1)

Introducing the Fly Fidelity podcast! Hosted by Luke Bailey, the Fly Fidelity podcast is a weekly series of interviews, contextualising the relationship between credible content and incredible times. Taking audiences on an engaging auditory journey, Fly Fidelity explores how music, film, art and culture exists seamlessly in the world.

On our debut episode, we're joined by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, who sat down to discuss the heart, soul and legacy of TMNT, including the 30th anniversary of the original 1990 film. Stream or download the episode below:

Fractured Listens Podcast: The Main Course With Mick Garris (Episode 3)

Almost three decades after directing The Stand, Mick Garris joins Fractured Listens to discuss its similarities to the anxieties and effects of Corona-virus, working with Stephen King, his latest anthology film Nightmare Cinema and so much more, including the legendary showtime series Masters Of Horror. Listen via Apple Music or below.

Mick Garris To Host 'Critters 2' Watch Party With Fractured Visions

Easter isn't over yet! The director of the acclaimed mini-series The Stand and The Shining, Mick Garris, will be joining Fractured Visions on hosting duties for a Twitter "Watch-party", of Critters 2, this weekend. Be ready to watch the definitive Easter set horror with us in sync, starting from 8:00 pm GMT (12:00pm PT) on Sunday, April 19th. To take part and join us, rent or pull out your copy of the film and then follow the hashtag #FracVisAtHome.

Fractured Listens Podcast: Scarred For Life With Tony Timpone (Episode 2)

Fly Fidelity took a deep dive with Fractured Listens into Tony Timpone's legacy as former editor-in-chief at Fangoria, to discuss and celebrate the contributions of a true horror media trailblazer. Listen here or via Soundcloud below:

Fractured Listens Podcast: "It's a Pandemic!" With Dwier Brown (Episode 1)

Hosted by Luke Bailey, Fractured Visions has launched a new podcast expanding the South Wales based genre film festival and it's obsession of cult cinema. “Fractured Listens” will feature discussions with genre icons including writers, directors, actors, producers, and more.

First in the series is a conversation with special guest Dwier Brown who featured on the episode to discuss his role in William Friedkin's druid myth-inspired horor fantasy, The Guardian, which celebrates it's 30th anniversary this year!

Review: Parasite

As Bong Joon-ho's Parasite continues to play at cinemas and expands to even more screens, Fly Fidelity contributor James Rodrigues offers his thoughts on the darkly funny satirical thriller. Read it below!

Genre Disorder: An Interview with Producer And Editor Extraordinaire Josh Ethier

If you’re a fan of genre film and have never heard of Josh Ethier, you’ve managed to avoid the work of one of the most prolific producer's, editor's and sound designer's in independent film from the past decade. Along with director Joe Begos, Ethier is one half of Channel 83, an L.A based studio that has produced and distributed five features, including the recently released artful and internal horror, Bliss, and their latest film VFW. Fly Fidelity and Fractured Visions sat down with Ethier to discuss his beginnings in TV editing, directing Gutter, working with Oz Perkins and Orion pictures for the atmospheric folk horror Gretel and Hansel, the splatter action VFW and more!

Review: Star Wars - The Rise Of Skywalker

JJ Abram offers a loving conclusion to the Skywalker trilogy whilst paying homage to the vision of George Lucas. Check out our review!

Cinematographer Lyle Vincent Talks "Daniel Isn't Real" And Working With SpectreVision

After allowing Ana Lily Amirpour to fully express her vision with A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night in 2014, cinematographer Lyle Vincent returns to Spectre Vision and has unlocked, enabled and elevated the work of Adam Egypt Mortimer with Daniel Isn't Real. Ahead of our screening at Chapter, we sat down with the DP responsible for plugging into it's complex look and talked about helping to achieve this and more!

Double Bill: 'Daniel Isn't Real' (2019) / 'Some Kind Of Hate' (2015)

To kick off our first double feature of the decade, Fractured Visions is showing a special advance screening of the modern, genre mashing masterwork, Daniel Isn't Real (2019), paired with Adam Egypt Mortimer's directorial debut, Some Kind Of Hate (2015). Experience a double dose of deathwave, including exclusive new film intro's this weekend, at Chapter.

Buy tickets for Daniel Isn't Real: tickets for Some Kind Of Hate:

The Ten Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2019: Part Two

Concluding our list of our favourite Hip hop albums this year, here are five more releases that shined brightest in 2019, including fifteen honourable mentions.

Review: Marriage Story

Marriage Story explores the pain, tragedy and confusion of divorce like no other, standing out as a career highlight of Noah Baumbach.

The Ten Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2019: Part One

From "Retropolitan" to "Eve", these are five of Fly Fidelity's favourite albums of 2019.

Even if you don't need another reminder that these albums are great, there is guidance, affirmation and more to be found in this list.  Did any of your favourites make the cut?