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Review: Parasite

As Bong Joon-ho's Parasite continues to play at cinemas and expands to even more screens, Fly Fidelity contributor James Rodrigues offers his thoughts on the darkly funny satirical thriller. Read it below!

Genre Disorder: An Interview with Producer And Editor Extraordinaire Josh Ethier

If you’re a fan of genre film and have never heard of Josh Ethier, you’ve managed to avoid the work of one of the most prolific producer's, editor's and sound designer's in independent film from the past decade. Along with director Joe Begos, Ethier is one half of Channel 83, an L.A based studio that has produced and distributed five features, including the recently released artful and internal horror, Bliss, and their latest film VFW. Fly Fidelity and Fractured Visions sat down with Ethier to discuss his beginnings in TV editing, directing Gutter, working with Oz Perkins and Orion pictures for the atmospheric folk horror Gretel and Hansel, the splatter action VFW and more!

Review: Star Wars - The Rise Of Skywalker

JJ Abram offers a loving conclusion to the Skywalker trilogy whilst paying homage to the vision of George Lucas. Check out our review!