Fly Fidelity Presents 'A Five Percenter Hip Hop Mix' By DJ Jaffa

On the heels of our latest podcast with educator, organizer, speaker and author - the third daughter of Malcolm-X - Ilyasah Shabazz, we have teamed up with DJ Jaffa for an exclusive mix centered around the five percent nation. A Five Percenter Hip Hop Mix pays tribute to the teachings and message of the Five-Percent Nation that endure in a selection of songs by some of hip hop's best, including Rakim, Wise Intelligent, Lakim Shabazz, KMD, Black Thought, J-LiveX-Clan, AZ and more! 

Rakim  Flow Forever (Dirty)

Wise Intelligent On Everything 

AZ N***a Games

Black Moon I Got Cha Opin Remix 

Just Ice Goin' Way Back

J-Live Longevity

Shabazz The Disciple The Souls Journey A.D.  (After Death)     

X-Clan Down By Law 

Afu-ra I can Fly

Allah Preme Wisdom 

Poor Righteous Teachers Shakiyla 

A.D.O.R Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix)

Big Daddy Kane Who Am I 

Black Thought Noir 

KMD Who Me 

Lakim Shabazz Sample The Dope Noise 



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