Review: Black Milk 'Dive'

Curtis Eugene Cross has always been about the music. Whether his fashion has changed or the
approach to creation (from a more electronic affair to full blown instrumentation), the man known as
Black Milk has always been about the music. And when it is about the music, rarely will the music suffer. And it must be said that, if anything, Black Milk has been consistent. With that said, we need to add Dive up there with his ability to remain consistent.

Dive serves as an “black inspiration” album of sorts. Whatever he makes of situations are either
to teach or to motivate. Take the first track off of the album: it is entitled “Save Yourself”. Take a listen to “Swimm” and you will see where I get these ideas from: that song is beautifully enticing as it is enthralling with its positive messages and massaging rhythms. Even the hard hitting “If U Say” takes the same route while BJ The Chicago Kid kills his singing routine.
With a tracklist that is only 11 songs, there is very little room for error; the best part is that he
makes no real errors. This album isn’t for everyone. But, for those that know Black Milk will be easily satisfied. Mr. Cross has crossed the line between telling stories to giving guidance. I just await people’s responses to how good his music is.

Written by Mark A. Harris (Darcwonn)